International LCB

We organize an international battle that brings together the best dancers in the world every year

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Kidz Championship

We organize a mini championship for young dancers throughout the year

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We give breakdance lessons in the Liège region

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nicolas Filco Dethier

Nicolas Filco Dethier

Filco, pillar and founder of the ASBL is your main contact for all that is organization:
  • de concours « battle»
  • battle competition
  • breakdance
  • press
  • questions about ASBL
  • He is active in apprenticeship in most dance schools and youth centers.
+32 499 616763
nicolas Filco Dethier

Jérôme Sauvenier

He is your contact person for everything related to:
  • assembly and dismantling during battles
  • Graphics (flyers, posters, ...)
He is also part of the La Meute crew and is also very active in teaching young people.
nicolas Filco Dethier

Jérôme Bou Straat

He is one of the most active members in the apprenticeship of young people in the commune of Blegny.
nicolas Filco Dethier

Marcello Campoccia

The Italian stallion is one of the oldschool dancers in Liège. He does not hesitate to pass on his passion to all young in bressoux. He also teaches in several youth centers